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About us

EZ ELD Solutions

It was early 2017, when we found ourselves reading an online article about the upcoming Electronic Logging Device Mandate. As a trucking company, we knew that the ELD Mandate would have a significant impact on the trucking industry. In the next months, we received numerous calls from fellow trucking companies wanting to discuss the upcoming change in law. It was at this time we realized we needed to be more proactive and be a part of the solution. After months of research and endless conference calls, we were fortunate enough to partner with some knowledgeable and experienced companies. Our experience in the trucking industry has helped us understand the needs & wants of our fellow truckers at a level which other ELD companies just could not. This enabled us to create a customer experience that makes the burden of ELDs a little lighter. We have come a long way since 2017 and pride ourselves on serving the Indian American trucking community throughout the United States.

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