Feature List

Keeping you Connected
To what matters

GPS Tracking

Get a near real-time, 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations.

IFTA Mileage Reprot

Automated reports with the exact mileage information you need..


Quick, intuitive, custom vehicle inspections with attach photos

Maintence reminders

you schedule vehicle maintenance as per OEM requirements, and provides alerts

ELD Monitoring & Management

24/7, 365 monitoring of your drivers logs. Get daily and weekly reports on how your drivers are performing to ensure DOT complaince.


Bluetooth Telemactics System
Fit for any Fleet

Our powerful bluetooth enabled telematics system allow for easy installation & provides transparency with-in the company.

  • Hours of Service
  • FMCSA Approved
  • GPS Tracking
  • IFTA Report
  • Maintenance reminder
  • Engine idle report
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Feature List

ELD Management & Consulting

24/7 Monitoring

  • Check ELD bluetooth connection
  • Check for Uncertified Logs
  • Check for 30-minute Violation
  • Check for any other Violations that may cause driver & company to get a ticket
  • Keep logbook In compliance with 49 CFR 395
  • Tech drivers how to Run Logbook properly

DOT Audit Assistance

  • Send FMCSA Requested Logbook information during DOT Audit
  • Send FMCSA ELD Policy
  • Send FMCSA ELD End User agreement
  • Assist with any questions DOT officer should have regarding Logbooks during DOT Audit.


  • Daily report on drivers NOT Connected
  • Daily report on drivers that do not Certify Logs
  • Daily report(s) on any Violation(s) that may have occurred

Feature List

Reliable ELD Device

Maintenance Reminder

Live GPS


We currently offer two separate systems to help you comply with the FMCSA. Both systems are approved by the FMCSA and work with both the PT30 & the PT40.

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